Internship Blog 9/23-9/29

This week, well, there hasn’t been much difference as opposed to the week before. We did, however figure out how to get all the shows on the website without too much difficulty. What we had decided to do was to split the episodes up into four different parts. The parts featured the entire interviews with each of the coaches. To save a little time here, I decided to keep my questions brief and only ask about three of them. This made each of the segments about 2:30 to four minutes depending on the length of the answers.

I did learn a patience lesson this week though. On Wednesday, the day the episodes are shot, the head coach for volleyball, ended up having some plumbing trouble. He had to stay at his house to get the issue resolved, so, at the last second, we substituted the assistant coach. The lesson learned was to just roll with the punches in the sports world; there are so many other factors that influence people and their decisions that I can’t possibly control. Thus, why worry about it?

Finally, the most interesting phase of hosting these episodes are working with the routine. I not only have to get used to fitting these shows into my weekly schedule but the coaches are learning the same thing. It’s been an interesting transition from week to week between me and the coaches and seeing how they too react to the change in habit. I am no longer talking to them as a stranger but somebody who they know. I have enjoyed building this relationship with each of the coaches.


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