Internship Blog 10/7-10/13

This week, I think that I’ve really started to turn an interesting corner with the Coaches Show: I’ve started to move my relationship with the coaches to a different level. First was the relationship with coach Mike Nesbitt of WT football. On this week’s show, I messed up a question and had to start again. It’s not really a big deal since the shows are all pre-recorded but he proceeded to dish out trash-talking on all levels about my screw up. He mentioned that because I messed up, if the football team lost this weekend (which they did), he would pin the loss on me and my mistake. It was something about messing with the groove of the team. All of this was said in a joking manner, of course.

Following the show, after I finished with volleyball coach Jason Skoch, he and I chatted for a long while about everything athletics-related, from his volleyball team to the Lone Star Conference and athletics as a whole. It was interesting to hear his take on those subjects but also nice to hear that someone was interested in what my thoughts were on different subjects too.


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