Intership Blog 9/30-10/6

This week was fairly basic on the Coaches’ Show front. This was the week that I really felt we made some good progress. First, we established a routine that will be our template for the rest of the semester. In a perfect world, that routine would be as follows: football and volleyball, since they are the main money-makers in the fall, will be on the show every week while men’s and women’s soccer and cross-country will alternate weeks. So, last week, we talked to the men’s soccer and women’s cross country coaches. Next week, we will have the women’s soccer and men’s cross country head coach.

This week was the first time that Kimberly Dudley, the women’s cross country head coach had ever been on camera. So, I had to coach her through how to behave in front of the camera. She can’t move back and forth in her chair, can’t touch her face while on camera, etc. I know all those things so it was a little odd to have to teach them to somebody else. But, she did great for her first time.

The main problem that was encountered was working with scheduling. Coach Skoch from volleyball forgot that he was going to be on the show this week and so we had to adjust at the last second and just use three coaches. I’ve learned to do a better job of reminding the sports information office with Athletics to remind the coaches.


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