Internship blog 10/14-10/20

This week’s Coaches Shows turned out fairly well. It’s pretty basic from here after I established a sort of schedule and routine. This last week was interesting because it taught me patience as well as flexibility. It’s not like I didn’t already have those skills, they just were never really put on display before.

While shooting this week, the volleyball coach, Jason Skoch, was supposed to come in for his interview at 10:30 a.m. At the last second, and without telling me, Keith Barnett, the assistant coach, showed up for the interview. This isn’t really too much of a problem because I’ve talked to Barnett before. But the issue is that: A) he showed up and I was in the swing of the interviewing coaches, and; B) that I didn’t really have the chance to adjust my questions for the different coach. As and interviewer, I feel that I have to remember who my subject is when I craft my questions. Thus, I had to make it up on the fly. It threw me off track but it all worked itself out in the end. Keith is a good interview, after all.

Finally, like all my other posts, I’ve been enjoying my growing relationships with all the coaches. Most of them I’ve known through doing public address announcing and other events, but there have been two of them (both the cross country coaches) that I didn’t know that much coming in to the internship. So, I’ve learned a little about who they are and what makes them tick, both on and off the race track.


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