Internship Blog 10/21-10/27

This week’s lesson is just a continuance on patience. Last week, I wrote about learning to work around other people’s schedules. This week, it’s figuring out how much my patience can take while interviewing the coaches themselves.

On one hand, there’s Jason Skoch with volleyball. I have always known that his answers to some questions can be a little off the wall. I usually try to tailor the questions for each coach, but with him, I really can’t. I think the problem is mostly that he is honest and says what he feels, no matter what that feeling is. But, Skoch can also go on and on with an answer. So, I have had to learn the skill of adaptation. I have figured out that I just need to pay attention and listen to what he is saying no matter how long the answer is.

On the other hand, there’s the coaching that I have to do of the coaches. I have to explain and sometimes just remind them how to behave on camera. It’s been interesting to note the progression of the coaches and their on-camera behavior as the year has gone on. For some of them, I have interviewed them mostly on the radio so what they do or where they look isn’t really an issue because it is on radio, after all. With this, I have to remind them to not swivel in their chair, play with their face or hair while on camera and to look at me when they are giving their answer. It’s just little things but it makes a remarkable difference in the quality of the end product.


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