Internship Blog 11/11-11/18

This week was an interesting week for the Coaches Show. Right now, being in November, it is an interesting time in sports period. First, there is still football, volleyball and other fall sports going on. So, I have to keep in mind all those sports as I prepare for each show. Then, there are other winter sports starting up, specifically basketball. I love both football and basketball and both of those sports come to me very easily. But, it’s still interesting.

This week marked the transition from one season to another, from one time of year to the next. The fall is all about the leaves changing colors while enjoying the crisp air and a football game. Basketball, however, is about going to the gym when it’s cold and hoping your team makes more field goals than the other team. From my perspective, it’s about adding some balance to the entire sports season. It’s a time to exercise some flexibility and knowledge of the different sports that take place at this university.

This week also marked dealing with different personalities. So far, I have gotten used to talking with football, volleyball, soccer and cross country coaches. Now, I have to deal with basketball coaches, which are an entirely different breed. They tend to be intense and very vague on their answers. So, I’ve had to learn to adapt with each of the Coaches’ styles.

Finally, I get to help a new coach with his transition to a new school. Coach Kellogg, the head women’s basketball coach, is in his first year. He’s moved schools before (he used to be at WT, too) so he’s used to starting over at new programs. But it’s been interesting to see his personality as a coach, compared to the last one, specifically relating to how a woman (our former coach) approaches the game differently than a man does. Neither is right or wrong, by the way. Kellogg is very intense and very blunt whereas our last coach, to me, wasn’t.


Internship blog 10/28-11/10

The last show I did (October 30) was one of the best shows of the semester. I have the benefit of getting to know the coaches more and more as the weeks go on. On the 30th, it seemed to be story time for all the coaches. I asked Coach Nesbitt from football what his best Wagon Wheel Rivalry memory was and that got the ball rolling. He told me about it off camera and it was quite a lengthy story. That took up time and when the next coach came in, he told stories with Nesbitt and each coach would tell stories with each other and me. It was neat to see the different coaches and their interactions with all the other coaches.

Needless to say, it took much longer than it was supposed to get all the coaches through the shows. In all, it was about an hour and a half. But still, I enjoyed the experience.

In previous blogs, I’ve talked about working on exercising some patience. This week, I’ve been experiencing the same thing. But, the growth is never the same. In the past, it’s been dealing with a coach’s crazy schedule or their lack of on-camera experience. This week, it’s been the ability to adapt to what happens when you don’t expect it.

In the Fine Arts Complex, all the lights are run off a single lighting server. Well, last Wednesday, the whole server happened to go down. I didn’t know there was a lighting server until it went down. We could turn on the lights in the studio and thus, we couldn’t do the show. So, I learned how to deal with a last minute change in regards to letting others know. I work in sports and my days are never the same, so I’ve always got to change my plans at the last minute but I’ve never been the one to do it to others. It worked out in the end though. Dealing with the media is not something that some coaches really want to do, so I can’t imagine they were too disappointed.