Internship blog 9/16-9/22

The WT Coaches Show is up and running this week, but due to an unknown error from WordPress, this week’s blog is posted a little late.
The first two episodes of the show featured WT football interim head coach Mike Nesbitt following both of WT football’s preseason scrimmages. The shows took place at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium and I sat in the end zone and recapped the scrimmages and previewed the upcoming season.
The following week, the Coach’s Show moved to the News One studio in the Fine Arts Complex. It was a little rocky from the get-go, trying to coordinate all the coaches (volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer and, later, football and cross country) and get them talking on camera.
It has also been a struggle to learn the different communication styles of the different coaches. Some of the coaches are very good at speaking to media (Nesbitt for football and Darren Flowers for men’s cross country) while others need a little more refining (Jason Skoch from volleyball and Chad Webb from women’s soccer) to be really good.
There have also been some technical problems: the lav mic for Nesbitt didn’t work during the first show and there has been trouble uploading some videos to YouTube. So, needless to say, it’s a work in progress.